Whale breeching off the coast of Washington

Tankers carrying tar sands oil threaten orca whales, like this one pictured in Washington State's San Juan Islands. Photo credit: Flickr/TheGirlsNY

Shift the Demand for Tar Sands and Say “No” to Risky Tankers and Railways

In the US, ForestEthics and its supporters are tackling the tar sands problem in two ways: by reducing its demand, and by actively opposing the way that its transportation and refinement harms communities.

Fortune 500 companies must stop shipping their products with tar sands fuel. To date 19 companies have publicly committed to avoiding dirty fuel sources like the tar sands. Those commitments have shifted millions of dollars away from Canada’s tar sands.

We’ve teamed up with the Sierra Club to demand that Coca-Cola stop using oil derived from dirty tar sands and increase the fuel efficiency of the tens of thousands of cars and trucks it has on the road. Join us by calling on big soda CEOs to separate the fizz from the tar sands.

Through our corporate campaign, we’re reducing the demand for tar sands oil. We’re also mobilizing to say “no” to tar sands by rail or by tanker.

Join the international movement to oppose tar sands tankers on the West Coast of North America by signing the Declaration to Save Our Shore.

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