Fuel from refineries using tar sands is driving an environmental disaster

Stop US Demand for Tar Sands

Turning thick, corrosive "bitumen" from Canada's tar sands into oil is a wasteful, dirty process. But what happens in Canada’s backyard doesn’t stay in Canada. The US is the largest consumer of Canada's tar sands. What’s more, towns and cities across the US are under direct threat from tar sands infrastructure, like pipelines, tankers, railways and refineries.

Moving tar sands by rail, pipeline or tanker puts communities at risk, often without giving people on the frontlines enough information first. What kind of risks and impacts are we talking about?

Right now, big oil companies Enbridge and Kinder Morgan are proposing a 700% increase in tankers carrying toxic tar sands oil on the West Coast. 700% more tar sands tankers means 700% more risk to the West Coast places we love, like Washington’s Puget Sound or California’s famed coastline.

We’re actively opposing the transportation and refinement of tar sands in the US, but we’re also shifting the demand for tar sands fuel. We have already persuaded 19 major US companies, and two important US cities, to avoid fuel from US refineries using tar sands. The list includes Trader Joes, Walgreens and Whole Foods. Today, we’re teaming up with Sierra Club to demand that Coca-Cola and Pepsi publicly commit to move away from using toxic tar sands oil.

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