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From Alberta to California, a Common Struggle to Find Healing
Last weekend, I traveled further north than I’d ever been in my life, to Fort McMurray, Alberta for the 5th annual Tar Sands Healing Walk. At this time of year in “Fort Mac” (as they call it up there), the sun shines late into the night, so even on a new moon at midnight the sky is dusky and dim but never completely dark.
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Coca-Cola and Pepsi Should be Totally Embarrassed That They’re Guzzling Down Tar Sands
We called out big soda companies at the Sustainable Brands conference for their dirty transportation fuel sources
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We’ll Say it Again, Enbridge: We Still Don't Want Your toxic Northern Gateway Pipeline
Regardless of government permits, Northern Gateway does not have the people’s permission and will never be built
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ForestEthics and Sierra Club Urge PepsiCo to Stop Using Tar Sands Fuel
Tens of thousands of people call on Pepsi to stop using dirty tar sands fuel in its transportation fleets
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Our Government and Kinder Morgan Want This Pipeline Quietly Approved. Not On Our Watch.
Almost 500 regular citizens won’t even get the chance to write a letter of comment, while oil giants like Exxon Mobil and Enbridge get a full seat at the table
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Why Coca Cola and Pepsi Can No Longer Ignore the Truth About Their Transportation Fuel
If Pepsi and Coca Cola stopped using the dirtiest oil on Earth in their fleets today, our climate, watersheds and communities would be better off
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Why 3M’s Forest Destruction and Greenwashing isn’t Going Unseen
Hundreds of college students were shocked and disappointed to hear that 3M is complicit in forest destruction
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Why We Delivered a Giant Fortune Cookie to a Government Official
The Sacred Headwaters must be permanently protected from all industrial development, for the sake of the salmon and the local communities
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Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion Proposal Draws Incredible Public Participation Despite Hurdles
Over 2,000 applications to participate in the hearing for the Kinder Morgan expansion project is probably not the outcome that Prime Minister Harper’s Government or its friends in big oil wanted
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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, 3M Destroys Forests So Here’s What We’ll Do
In the wee hours of Valentine’s Day morning, a dedicated group of activists braved the frigid Minnesota winter to send 3M a Valentine’s Day message it couldn’t ignore
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