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The Solution – Reveal the phoniness of SFI label

It’s time to stop the greenwashed SFI eco-label in its tracks. With your support, that’s what ForestEthics is doing. We’re demanding that SFI stop certifying products that come from destructive forest practices, and misleading consumers into thinking those products are green.

Shift corporate buying power away from the SFI’s greenwashed forest destruction

Big logging companies like Sierra Pacific Industries and huge direct mailers, like American Express or Bank of America need to remember that the customer is always right. When the customer wants eco-friendly products, phony versions like the SFI eco-label won’t do.

So far, we’ve encouraged 24 major US companies to distance their brands from the SFI label, including Office Depot, AT&T and State Farm. By moving millions of dollars away from greenwashed forest destruction, these businesses have been good for forests…and for the two and four-legged creatures that depend on those forests staying healthy.

Expose SFI to federal regulatory bodies

The US government needs to protect consumers from misleading marketing claims, like SFI’s greenwash eco-label. In 2009, we filed legal complaints with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to shed light on SFI’s misleading practices. The FTC complaint challenged the SFI’s deceptive marketing, while the IRS complaint questioned the SFI’s nonprofit status.

In May 2013, ForestEthics filed a new complaint with the FTC, asking the agency to investigate the SFI’s claim to be a ‘green’ certifier of forest products. We simultaneously mobilized more than 2,800 individual consumers to submit their own complaints. Over 8,000 people also signed a petition demanding that the FTC take action legal action to stop SFI’s greenwash. Those complaints are now under investigation by the FTC's Law Enforcement Division.

SFI unimproved report

Learn more about why you shouldn’t trust SFI

The Issue

The truth behind the phony SFI label

The Facts

SFI: Poster child of greenwash eco-labels

The Solutions

Reveal the phoniness of SFI label


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