ForestEthics, ForestEthics Advocacy, and ForestEthics Solutions operate as a highly effective international coalition of independent organizations. While we are separate entities we coordinate closely–working together to achieve specific shared goals and objectives in the US and Canada.


Matt Westendorf

Strategic Advisors

Ben West of ForestEthics Advocacy


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Ashley Allison
Danielle SIembieda
Eddie Scher
Ethan Buckner is an Organizer for ForestEthics
Kayla Henson in Montana
Matt Krogh
Paras Upadhyay
Ross Hammond
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Ben West of ForestEthics Advocacy
Sven Biggs is Campaign Organizer at ForestEthics Advocacy


Kayla Henson

Kayla Henson in Montana
Development Associate

Kayla joined ForestEthics in March of 2011 after graduating from Western Washington University (Western) with a B.S. in Environmental Science. She brings both environmental activism and administration experience from her personal, academic and professional background. Namely, her role as the Associate Director of the Environmental and Sustainability Programs at Western and her coursework gave her the knowledge and passion to work in a broad range of environmental issues. She is interested in climate change, watershed science, and botany. 

Kayla enjoys the many outdoor activities the Bellingham area has to offer including biking, skiing, and hiking. She also spends her time playing, training, and performing as a member of the Bellingham Circus Guild.