ForestEthics, ForestEthics Advocacy, and ForestEthics Solutions operate as a highly effective international coalition of independent organizations. While we are separate entities we coordinate closely–working together to achieve specific shared goals and objectives in the US and Canada.


Matt Westendorf

Strategic Advisors

Ben West of ForestEthics Advocacy


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Ashley Allison
Eddie Scher
Ethan Buckner is an Organizer for ForestEthics
Kayla Henson in Montana
Matt Krogh
Paras Upadhyay
Ross Hammond
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Ben West of ForestEthics Advocacy
Katie Harrison of ForestEthics Advocacy
Nikki Skuce of ForestEthics Advocacy
Sven Biggs is Campaign Organizer at ForestEthics Advocacy


Karen Tam Wu

Campaigns Director, ForestEthics Advocacy

Karen joined ForestEthics in 2006. As Senior Conservation Campaigner, she successfully led our Sacred Headwaters campaign to victory on December 18, 2012. Her winning formula included collaborating closely with regional allies and First Nations, leading international protests at Shell’s headquarters in The Netherlands, and driving Shell Canada and the government of British Columbia to the meeting table. On December 18, Shell announced the company would relinquish its rights to drill for gas and the government of British Columbia committed to forego any future gas development in the Sacred Headwaters.

As ForestEthics' Forestry Advisor to the Coast Campaign from 2006-2009, Karen’s work with forest companies resulted in FSC-certification of nearly one million hectares of forest in the Great Bear Rainforest. Karen also worked with coastal First Nations communities to build their capacity to implement the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements in their territories and to explore conservation-based economic opportunities.

Karen is a Registered Professional Forester in British Columbia; she earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia.

Karen loves adventuring in the mountains, roped or on skis, exploring the rivers by kayak, and pounding out kilometers on rural roads on her bike. She can also be found slinging mud on a potter's wheel or in her garden.