SFI Map of Influence

ForestEthics’ October 2010 report titled “SFI: Certified Greenwash” exposes the Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s (SFI) industry-sponsored scam to market forest destroying wood and paper products as “good for forests.” The report’s centerpiece is this infographic depicting the web of influence through which the wood and paper industry dominates SFI.

SFI Map of Influence by ForestEthics

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The Issue

The truth behind the phony SFI label

The Facts

SFI: Poster child of greenwash eco-labels

The Facts

On January 7, 2014 ForestEthics released Peeling Back the Eco-Labels read more...



ForestEthics files IRS and FTC complaints on SFI's greenwash label
It misleads consumers, serves private interests

SFI Map of Influence
Wood and paper industry dominates SFI's Board of Directors

Major environmental groups opposed SFI greenwashPDF icon
In sign-on letter, ForestEthics and 20 others challenge SFI