Eddie Scher

STATEMENT: Alberta Announces Carbon Pollution Limits for Tar Sands Industry

Sunday Nov 22, 2015

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[Edmonton, Alberta] Today the Alberta government announced a carbon pollution reduction plan for the Province of Alberta and the tar sands industry.

Karen Mahon, ForestEthics Canada Director, released the following statement:

“Premier Notley’s bold plan holds oil companies responsible for carbon pollution where tar sands are extracted – that’s strong leadership and a very good thing for the climate.

“This plan puts in place both a price and regulatory limit on carbon pollution. Coupled with the transition from coal to renewable electricity, this plan moves Alberta from climate laggard to a climate leader.

“Six million barrels of tar sands per day are currently permitted, but under this plan and under existing technology, half of that -- three million barrels per day that would have burned -- will now stay in the ground.

“This a game changer for Alberta and Canada. On the eve of the Paris climate talks Canada is charting a new direction. There is now nothing standing in the way of Prime Minister Trudeau legislating an ambitious national climate leadership plan.

“Scientists say 2/3 of the world’s remaining fossil fuels should stay in the ground. That’s where society is ultimately headed. This plan ends runaway growth in the tar sands and limits carbon pollution. This is what climate leadership looks like and that is why ForestEthics supports it.”


ForestEthics demands accountability for our health, our climate and our wild places.

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