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ForestEthics Activists “Quarantine” Dole’s Toxic Tar Sands Bananas

On January 21st, activists from Alabama to Oregon took to grocery stores to show that Dole bananas are brought to you by toxic Tar Sands fuel

No Tanker Rally in Vancouver, BC

ForestEthics co-organized a rally in Vancouver, BC, opposing Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipelines and tanker project, drawing a crowd of 2,000 supporters

Sacred Headwaters Slideshow

In a remote corner of BC lies the Sacred Headwaters, the shared birthplace of three of North America’s greatest wild salmon rivers. This vast alpine landscape, territory of the Tahltan First Nation, is also home to rich populations of grizzly bears, caribou and stone sheep. It's threatened by Royal Dutch Shell’s proposed coalbed methane drilling.

Enbridge and Shell "UN"Welcome Party

ForestEthics staff and volunteers greeted delegates at a Vancouver conference where the President of Shell Canada and CEO of Enbridge were speaking about Asia-Pacific trade opportunities. We let business leaders from both sides of the Pacific know that Enbridge and Shell's pipeline and fracking projects are flirting with disaster.

Sacred Headwaters Banner Tour -- Shell Canada HQ Calgary

ForestEthics Campaigner Karen Tam Wu at the Shell Canada Headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. More than 60,000 ForestEthics supporters signed on to deliver this message to Shell: stay out of the Sacred Headwaters for good! We created this giant banner with all of these signatures and hand-delivered it to Shell Canada CEO, Lorraine Mitchelmore.

SFI Clearcuts

The SFI label isn't a forest-safe stamp of's greenwash

International stop tar sands day

From New York to Australia, people stood up and said no to the forest destruction, poisoned communities and climate change linked to Tar Sands extraction and refining

River use closed: Enbridge could spill tar sands here

On the anniversary of the Kalamazoo spill, volunteers installed “River Use Closed” signs across many wild salmon rivers along the proposed Northern Gateway route in Canada

Seattle says "No" to more tar sands in Puget Sound

On Kalamazoo disaster’s second anniversary, activists gather at City Council to protest tar sands

ForestEthics and Sierra Club Crash Sustainable Brands Soire

ForestEthics and the Sierra Club teamed up to crash a corporate beach party at Sustainable Brands 2014 with a #NoTarSands Kayak Flotilla. We sent a clear message to CocaCola and PepsiCo: Stop Fueling Tar Sands Destruction!

(Photo/Michael Wesley, Blue Wesley Photography)

CFAX Radio -- Enbridge pipeline could bring spill to BC Coast

In the wake of the gulf oil spill disaster, Sr. Energy Campaigner, Nikki Skuce discusses ForestEthics' efforts to stop the proposed Enbridge pipelines from destroying BC's pristine coastline and salmon watersheds.

The sounds of a Tar Sands-free coast PSA

Our recent PSA, playing on radio stations around BC, confronts the fact that lifting the ban on oil tankers to the coast could spell disaster

CFAX Radio -- "Straight Talk" about Enbridge pipeline proposals

ForestEthics' Sr. Energy Campaigner, Nikki Skuce, talks about the overwhelming opposition to the proposed Enbridge pipelines in BC. Specifically, she discusses a recent Mustel poll.

Enbridge Pipeline Hearings: Voices from Kitimat, BC

Some risks are worth taking - in the case of Enbridge's Northern Gateway, "there is no compensation or price high enough" for the natural treasures of BC

Enbridge Pipeline Hearings: Sammy Robinson

Sammy Robinson is a Haisla First Nation Elder and carver, and he talks about the intensity of storms around Hartley Bay. “I know there’ll be an accident, no ifs about it,” he says.

Enbridge Pipeline Hearings: Murray Munchin

Murray Munchin is with Douglas Channel Watch. He emphasizes that the Joint Review Panel needs to take responsibility for the “environmental richness” of the area, including its wild salmon runs.

Enbridge Pipeline Hearings: Linda Halyk

Linda Halyk is a Kitimaat resident and self-described "granny" who is very fired up about protecting her community.


Transform through collaboration - the story of Victoria's Secret
First Nations opposition to Enbridge Northern Gateway pipelines and tanker project
Santa Claus is Coming to Shell

Santa visits Shell Headquarters early, delivering a lump of coal for Shell's naughty plans to frack up the Sacred Headwaters

Spirit Bear on Princess Royal Island in the Great Bear Rainforest

A group of ForestEthics supporters see a Spirit Bear in the wild while on a trip to the Great Bear Rainforest.

ForestEthics volunteers deliver message to Enbridge: Stop the Northern Gateway pipelines

Mail Mob! ForestEthics volunteers deliver thousands of your messages to Enbridge telling them to stop plans to build a massive pipeline from Alberta's Tar Sands to the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia.

Chiquita and Dole's Rotten Tar Sands Bananas Exposed

Canada's Tar Sands destroys forests, spews toxic waste and threatens communities in the US and Canada. Unfortunately, the average Dole & Chiquita banana uses fuel from Canada's Tar Sands for shipping. Since ForestEthics initiated this campaign, Chiquita has since ditched toxic tar sands fuel.

Shell's plans for the Sacred Headwaters

This animation paints the picture of what would happen to the Sacred Headwaters -- the shared birthplace of the Skeena, Nass and Stikine, three of North America's greatest wild salmon rivers -- if Shell got its way.

Cheif Na'Moks of the Wet'suwet'en Nation

Cheif Na'Moks speaks at the Winnepeg feast, a stop along the route of Yinka Dene Alliance's Freedom Train.

Sacred Headwaters: Paradise in Peril

Shell threatens three of North America's wild salmon rivers -- the Sacred Headwaters -- with plans to transform this ecosystem into a gas field. Hear from community members potentially affected by Shell's plan.

Special Delivery: Toxic Tar Sands Surprise for Dole

Dole has not yet stepped forward to clean tar sands out of its colossal transportation footprint.