ForestEthics Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect Endangered Forests, wildlife, and human well-being.

Our Vision

ForestEthics believes that protecting our planet is everyone’s business. Because of our work, environmentally responsible corporations and governments will thrive. Natural systems will be protected, and the people and wildlife that depend on them will prosper. Markets will be more transparent and ethical.

We imagine monumental success, and then make it happen.
Our commitment to a sustainable workplace ensures that we treat each other with the same reverence as the wild places, wildlife, and people that we serve.

Our Principles

We Do the Impossible: We know that a better world is out there—our role is to push toward that place. We will get there by doing what has never been done, doing what some say cannot happen, doing what is believed to be impossible.

We are Pragmatic Idealists: Cynicism is easy; dreaming big isn’t, but that’s what we do. We take our dreams and make them real by adopting outcome-driven strategies, by overcoming adversity, and by maintaining our focus for as long as needed to succeed for people, forests and wild places.

Relationships are Crucial: Respectful relationships are essential to our work and to our lives. Collaboration is our preferred approach, but we won’t take no for an answer. If confrontation becomes necessary, we don’t see our adversaries as enemies but as potential partners with whom we temporarily disagree.

Best Idea Wins: Creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of ForestEthics’ strategies. We find the best ideas when curiosity, experimentation, risk-taking and collaboration are used as tools to foster breakthrough thinking and uncommon solutions.

Leverage and Dynamic Tension: Significant progress requires power: we are constantly searching for leverage and applying it at the precise location needed to unleash the forces of change. To maximize this leverage, we reject dogmatic thinking, we are comfortable with uncertainty, and we embrace uncommon allies. 

Balance: Sometimes we have to sprint, and we sprint hard. Significant change, however, is a marathon. We go above and beyond to accomplish our goals and we also take the time to balance our professional and personal lives so we can bring passion, creativity and excitement to the next challenge we face.

Fierce Compassion: Investing in our team is a priority and we do so through leadership training and mindfulness practice to tap into the immense power resident in each of us. That great capacity is harnessed to speak truth to power—and to speak truth to ourselves, our colleagues, our allies, and our adversaries with skill and grace.

Our scope of work

ForestEthics’ campaigns consider all of the issues that affect wild places and the wildlife and people that depend on them—from biodiversity to air and water quality to climate change. We expand our work to new regions or issue areas when we can bring the leverage and power needed to win.