Media Room
Feb 12, 2016
[Benicia, CA] Late last night the Benicia Planning Commission voted unanimously to deny the land use permit for the proposed Valero oil train terminal. Valero can appeal the decision to the Benicia...
Feb 8, 2016
Media Event Tonight at 5:45 pm: Press Conference at Benicia City Hall Hosted by Andres Soto of Benicians for a Safe and Healthy Community. Speakers:
Feb 4, 2016
 [San Luis Obispo] The SLO County Planning Board holds hearings today on the controversial proposal to build a crude oil train terminal at the Phillips 66 oil refinery in SLO County. Hundreds of...
Feb 3, 2016
  [San Luis Obispo, CA] Public interest group ForestEthics today released estimates of the number of San Luis Obispo County and City schools and students in the oil train blast zone, the one-mile...
Feb 1, 2016
[VANCOUVER, British Columbia] Today First Nations governments and the BC government, with the support of ForestEthics Solutions, Greenpeace, Sierra Club BC and five forestry companies, announced the...
Jan 28, 2016
Today's announcement by the Federal Government places new hurdles in the in the path of the Kinder Morgan pipeline and other energy projects by creating new tests on climate impacts, scientific...
Jan 20, 2016
First Nations and environmental groups are calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to stop the Kinder Morgan process and honour his promise to restore credibility to the environmental assessment process
Feb 6, 2016
Eighty-five percent of the vast Great Bear Rainforest, which is home to the rare Kermode "spirit bear" and other wildlife, is now protected under agreements reached by the government of British...
Feb 1, 2016
A planeload carrying some of the key players in the agreement to preserve the Great Bear Rainforest touched down in Bella Bella, B.C., late last week for an unheralded ceremony marking the...
Feb 1, 2016
...“This full implementation of the Great Bear Rainforest agreements is one of the most visionary forest conservation plans on earth,” said Valerie Langer, ForestEthics Solutions director, in a...
Nov 23, 2015
..."This a game changer for Alberta and Canada," Karen Mahon, the director of the Canadian branch of ForestEthics, 
Nov 23, 2015
...Karen Mahon, director of ForestEthics Canada, said in a statement that by establishing a price and a regulatory limit on carbon pollution, along with transitioning from coal to renewable...
Nov 23, 2015
...Environmental groups, including the Pembina Institute, Forest Ethics and Environmental Defence Canada, also endorsed the plan, the province said.
Sep 16, 2015
Whether you are a consumer buying copy paper or a Fortune 1000 company sourcing forest products, choosing SFI is the wrong choice for our forests. Why? Check out the research...
Jun 29, 2015
ForestEthics and Communities for a Better Environment groups today released the Crude Injustice on the Rails report evaluating the disparate threat to people of color and low-income communities from...
Sep 30, 2014
Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline project faces substantial obstacles ahead, making it unlikely to ever be built. This briefing for investors highlights the First Nations legal risks, political...
Mar 12, 2014
New and proposed fossil fuel development puts Northwest in peril
Dec 12, 2013
Industry drafted energy board rules, report reveals
Nov 5, 2013
The Premier must stand up for the people of BC and stop this pipeline from being built
Feb 20, 2013
Findings from ForestEthics Solutions show gaping holes in the province's conservation
Coke ad by ForestEthics and Sierra Club
Oct 23, 2013
USA Today ad asks Coke to stop using oil derived from dirty tar sands and to increase the fuel efficiency of the tens of thousands of cars and trucks it has on the road
Pepsi ad by ForestEthics and Sierra Club
Oct 23, 2013
USA Today ad asks Pepsi to stop using oil derived from dirty tar sands and to increase the fuel efficiency of the tens of thousands of cars and trucks it has on the road.
Sacred Headwaters ad in the Toronto Star
Jun 26, 2013
Fortune Minerals has its eyes set on mining for coal in the heart of British Columbia's Sacred Headwaters, even after the provincial government ban oil and gas development
Dec 12, 2012
  The following ad by ForestEthics Advocacy ran in the Prince Rupert Northern View. Learn more about CN's proposed project.
Oct 29, 2012
Ad in the Ottawa Citizen questions the FIPA trade agreement and its implications for Canadian sovereignty
Sep 25, 2012
Our way of saying 'thanks' to all municipalities and political leaders who have stood up for BC's coast
Jul 18, 2012
The British Columbia government is trying to promote its jobs creation plan. But allowing Shell to frack in the pristine Sacred Headwaters would not only be bad for the environment, it would also...
Dec 8, 2011
Sometimes censorship speaks louder than words.
Aug 17, 2011
Ads call on companies to reject extreme fossil fuels from Canada's tar sands, embrace cleaner transportation; Chiquita has since cleaned up its act
Mar 3, 2011
ForestEthics and environmental groups are calling on the BC government to prioritize the ecological integrity of our parks and protected areas
Feb 5, 2016
We want to clear up some confusion over the 85% off-limits to logging number -- 85% means 85%.
Feb 1, 2016
After almost 20 years of intensive work moving from conflict to collaboration and negotiations the promise of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements has been realized.
Jan 28, 2016
The Great Bear is one of our foundational campaigns. We invite you to experience the Great Bear with Geeta Tate, ForestEthics’ Director of Program Development.
Jan 28, 2016
Which is better, pipelines or rail? Answer: Neither
Jan 27, 2016
San Luis Obispo County Planning Department staff report flat-out denies the proposed Phillips 66 oil trains terminal.
Jan 16, 2016
The Delta 5 are heroes. Their actions were a necessary part of a movement to protect our community and the global climate, and to ensure a just transition that provides solutions for everyone as we...
Dec 17, 2015
Who is Kinder Morgan and what is their record? We can help answer this important question with a quick Kinder Morgan cheat sheet.