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Private prosecution launched against oil company after governments ‘stall’
Spill undermines the company's credibility, strengthens grassroots opposition to Northern Gateway pipeline
Why Should Canadians and our Wild Salmon be exposed to the same Tar Sands pipeline risks that the US President has rejected for his own people?
New poll shows tough odds for Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline
Karen Tam Wu: "We are looking to the [BC] government to permanently ban highly destructive industrial activity...from the Sacred Headwaters"
Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project threatens BC's Kitimat River
First Nations, unions, academics, environmentalists come out in droves to protect our coast
Early last week at Greenbuild in Toronto, few at the world's largest building conference were talking about how the US Green Building Council's new proposals for LEED accreditation could...
For more than a decade, the nonprofit Forest Stewardship Council generally has been viewed as the premier judge of whether a wood or paper product should be labeled as environmentally friendly. But...
Chiquita Brands, the fruit producer, has become the latest company to move to stop using oil from Canada’s tar sands in its fuel supplies, after a campaign by an environmental group. The decision...
Recent debate over the Keystone XL oil pipeline has turned a spotlight on Canada's controversial and oil-rich tar sands, which would be the source of crude oil flowing through the pipe to the Gulf of...
Todd Paglia, ForestEthics' Executive Director: "Canada is not what it used to's tilting toward becoming more of an authoritarian petro state..."
Staples Inc., under pressure from environmental activists, said it aims to more than triple the amount of recycled material in the paper products it sells -- a move that could pressure rival...
After enduring protests by an environmental group over the past two years, Victoria's Secret will stop using catalog paper made with pulp from a Canadian forest that is an important wildlife habitat...
Our report card on credit card, insurance and telecom sectors
New report shows existing pipeline capacity is more than enough to accommodate significant oil sands growth, while delivering global market prices
The case against the Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project
Accounts of First Nations' economic development initiatives in Canada
New report shows governments at all levels must lead the way in removing barriers to sustainable transportation, while opposing unsustainable projects like the Enbridge Gateway pipeline
Nature, Carbon and Climate Change in British Columbia
New briefing report by ForestEthics Advocacy calls into question the true beneficiaries of Harper’s pro-oil policies
Our ad praising Staples for taking steps to minimize forest destruction
ForestEthics ran this ad at the American Forests and Products Association annual industry conference
ForestEthics and environmental groups are calling on the BC government to prioritize the ecological integrity of our parks and protected areas
A big oil spill was Exxon's gift to Alaska. B.C. can expect the same from Enbridge.
Globe and Mail: "More than 50 environmental and native groups from eight countries have placed the full-page ad, an effort to try to convince Hollywood...Alberta isn’t too far off the mark from the...
Save the 'Bou ads running at bus stops in Ontario
US Green Building Council’s proposed gutting of LEED certification standard challenged in full-page ad
This Paper Campaign ad ran in the New York Times to show that forest destruction isn't sexy
Six environmental organizations took out a full-page ad this week in Roll Call, the newspaper of record on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC
“President Obama, you'll never guess who's standing between us and our new energy economy.”
5 reasons why forests are incredible, from our executive direct: "Think about it: you breathe in what trees breathe out; trees breathe in what we breathe out. Talk about a match made in heaven. What'...
Good times in Music City, but they'll be better once Verizon stops destroying our forests—and then maybe I really could just be a Smartphone and not a Clearcut Smartphone.
People do not stand outside before dawn in the rain without good reason. Early this morning I was one of more than 75 protesters who braved Vancouver’s winds to protest
Why is Enbridge replacing its top executive in the middle of a critical review process for its proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project?
These bath products represent a perfect example of how high value products can come from our precious forests, not just raw logs or other low-value timber products. Learn more about the Great Bear...
The ecological significance of the Great Bear Rainforest, and how unsustainable projects, like Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and tankers, threaten it
Canadian Anthropologist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis will be in Vancouver to promote protection of the Sacred Headwaters and the release of his book The Sacred Headwaters...