Market Solutions: To lead the way in business, you need a leading environmental policy

Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned about how their purchases affect the environment. Meanwhile businesses are discovering that using natural resources more efficiently can reduce costs, and that developing sustainability initiatives can motivate employees, spark creativity, improve supply chains, and build brand identity. So it’s no coincidence that successful and elite companies—companies that set the standard for their industries—also have strong environmental practices.

Building & supporting industry leaders

Our Market Solutions department helps companies distinguish themselves as environmental innovators and forest protectors. Tapping into both in-house expertise and an extensive external network, we provide information, guidance and recognition through a variety of mechanisms. These include direct consultation, business roundtables, sector scorecards and other published materials. We are also active in developing and evaluating leading market standards and metrics.

"We have gone from being in a defensive role to real advocacy…Our relationship with ForestEthics is a true partnership, a true collaboration. We want to contribute to forest sustainability and we are not turning back from that." — Tom Katzenmeyer, former Sr. Vice President, Limited Brands (Victoria's Secret)

Services & outcomes of the Market Solutions department

  • More environmentally responsible supply chain policies and implementation for wood, paper, transportation fuel, and other forest-related products
  • Consultation on product sourcing, market standards, and other topics
  • Minimization of supply chain risk
  • Guidance on related climate and energy issues
  • External validation, public recognition and brand enhancement