The fate of the people, their culture & the land in the places we protect are inextricably linked

A healthy environment makes for a healthy people. When environmentally irresponsible development damages an ecosystem, it compromises local communities and their ways of life.

Many people and cultures thrive in the forests we work to protect. We know for any of our conservations effort to truly succeed, local communities must support and benefit from conservation. At ForestEthics, we engage with communities as they face threats to their homelands. ForestEthics supports the right of all First Nations communities to refuse industrial development on their homelands.

ForestEthics believes that one of the best ways to create environmentally responsible local economies that marry conservation with economic well-being, is to support communities in creating businesses models that don’t rely on clearcut logging and other destructive practices. Our work with First Nations in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest is a strong example of building conservation based economies.