Green Grades

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ForestEthics' signature "Green Grades" is an annual report card grading the paper practices of large paper-consuming companies. Produced in collaboration with Dogwood Alliance, Green Grades has been a powerful tool for individuals and companies alike since 2008.

Green Grades has consistently demonstrated that transparency leads to change: by providing an annual snapshot of what companies are doing—or not doing—to safeguard the environment and the world’s forests, Green Grades has also chronicled consistent annual improvement in the paper policies and practices of some of the largest paper consuming industries.

How does ForestEthics grade companies?

To create Green Grades, we review the policies and practices of large US companies that utilize large amounts of paper. We consider the quantity, type and origin of paper companies are using for activities like direct mail marketing, internal office use and communication with customers.

Based on survey results and other publicly available data, we assign each company an overall grade based on scores in key categories. The most heavily weighted categories are:

We also consider Endangered Forest Policy & Action, Plantation Conversion & Other Controversial Sources, and Other Forest Ecosystem Conservation Leadership.

By generating these reports, ForestEthics holds businesses accountable for their impacts on forests and the environment, while giving positive exposure to companies who are taking steps to lessen forest impacts.