ForestEthics is Now Operating as an International Coalition: Coalition FAQs

As of April 2012, ForestEthics is a coalition with three partner organizations: US-based ForestEthics, and Canadian-based ForestEthics Advocacy and ForestEthics Solutions.

Why Canadians needed two organizations

For more than ten years ForestEthics in the US worked successfully and very closely with Canadian counterpart, ForestEthics Canada, a project of Tides Canada Initiatives. But a crackdown by the Canadian government on environmentalists, starting in 2012, spurred our cross-border teams to restructure our partnership.

In this time in Canada’s history and in the global movement toward clean energy, there is an urgent need to protect the world’s last remaining forests and wild places. What is needed is not less advocacy, but more; not less environmental protection, but more.

So, on April 17, 2012, two independent Canadian nonprofit societies—ForestEthics Advocacy Association and ForestEthics Solutions Society—were founded in response to the Canadian government’s crackdown on charitable groups, as well as its gutting of even the most basic environmental protections.


What are the two new organizations in Canada?

ForestEthics Advocacy

ForestEthics Advocacy Association is working to halt the expansion of tar sands development and its pipelines and tankers, especially Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

In December 2012, years of campaigning in British Columbia’s Sacred Headwaters, where Royal Dutch Shell planned to frack for coalbed methane gas, resulted in a government-mandated ban on oil and gas development in the area. Our work in the Sacred Headwaters continues as we support efforts to create permanent protections for this pristine region.

Board of Directors: Clayton C. Ruby; Karen M. Mahon; Candace C. Batycki; Tzeporah Berman
Address: 350-163 West Hastings Street,Vancouver, BC,V6B 1H5.
Telephone: 604-331-6201, ext. 221.

ForestEthics Solutions

ForestEthics Solutions Society focuses exclusively on implementing the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements and Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. The Solutions team’s work includes:

  • Crafting and facilitating agreements between governments, industry, First Nations and others
  • Educating and informing the public through workshops, seminars, and publications
  • Conduction scientific research, and publishing the results
  • Co-operating with governments and other nonprofits and charities to achieve on the ground protection for the Great Bear Rainforest and Boreal forest

Board of Directors: Bridgitte M.Alomes; Deborah Abbey; Jason C. Mogus
Address: 614-207 West Hastings Street,Vancouver, BC,V6B 1H7
Telephone: 778-300-0504


How can I make a donation?

There are many ways to give. The easiest is online:

Give to ForestEthics

Give to ForestEthics Advocacy

For ForestEthics Solutions, visit


Can I get a charitable tax receipt?

ForestEthics continues to operate as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

In Canada, ForestEthics Advocacy Association will continue to perform our hard-hitting advocacy work 100% of the time without government interference, but we cannot issue tax receipts. If you wish to receive an official income tax receipt, please consider supporting the work of ForestEthics Solutions Society (via the Forests Live Fund), which is focused on the continued implementation of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements and Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. All sources of funding are vital to the effective delivery of our work.