"We say no to Enbridge oil" - Senior energy campaigner Nikki Skuce took this photograph on the road to Kitimat, BC.

The Solution - Stand up to this dirty energy project

In opposing Enbridge's Northern Gateway project, ForestEthics and its allies aim to:

  • Protect our coast and our wild salmon
  • Respect First Nations cultures and rights and title
  • Stand up for fisheries and tourism economies
  • Do our part to mitigate global warming pollution

Yet during the Harper administration, the Federal government has called those who oppose Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project “radicals”, “adversaries”, “foreign-puppets”, and more. Since when did advocating for environmental health become an act of terror?

But British Columbians and other Canadians are standing up to this bullying and taking action. Together we can stop Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project.

Three things you can do

Take action to stop Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project:

  1. Submit your comment to the federal Joint Review Panel >>
  2. Tell the Harper government that we will not be silenced on this issue >>
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The Issue

BC's iconic North Coast is too valuable to be put at risk for an Enbridge spill read more...

The Facts

Proposed pipeline would facilitate tar sands expansion by 30%, which is Canada’s fasting growing source of greenhouse gas emissions...and other facts read more...

The Solutions

Protect our coast and the economies that depend on them read more...

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