The proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project is a story with two ends.


Enbridge's Athabasca pipeline in Alberta, Canada

Enbridge is proposing to build two pipelines 1,170 kilometres (730 miles) from Alberta's tar sands to the coast at Kitimat, BC. From there, over 225 oil tankers would ply the rugged waters of British Columbia’s north coast for the first time ever. Tar sands would be shipped, with no up-grading or refining, to Asian markets.

Latest News

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper conditionally approved the Northern Gateway Pipeline Tuesday, a major hurdle for the 731-mile twin pipeline system tha
VANCOUVER/OTTAWA, June 17 (Reuters)
The Harper government announced its long-awaited decision on Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline today. The approval comes as no surprise to environmental groups who say the fight is far from over.
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The Issue

BC's iconic North Coast is too valuable to be put at risk for an Enbridge spill read more...

The Facts

Proposed pipeline would facilitate tar sands expansion by 30%, which is Canada’s fasting growing source of greenhouse gas emissions...and other facts read more...

The Solutions

Protect our coast and the economies that depend on them read more...

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