Special Delivery: Toxic Tar Sands Surprise for Dole

Over the past year or so, we’ve collected tens of thousands of your signatures asking Dole to help us solve the problem of Canada's tar sands. While you have helped us persuade 18 other major US brands to be part of the solution to the tar sands problem, Dole has not yet stepped forward to clean tar sands out of its colossal transportation footprint.

We could have become discouraged by the company’s stubbornness—instead we got creative. We’ve exposed Dole’s villainous tar sands role in this drama that peaks at the company’s headquarters, located just outside of Hollywood. This brand new digital short—“Special Delivery: a toxic tar sands surprise for Dole”—premiers on Saturday, November 17, at the Los Angeles Green Festival.

Dole may have its brand still stuck in the tar sands, but other companies are moving quickly to make more environmentally responsible fuel choices. Share this video to spread the word—companies can and should take action to help us solve the problem of Canada's tar sands!

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