Resources for your company

At ForestEthics, we have a variety of free online tools that your company or business can use to reduce your environmental impact. If you want to get involved with our Market Solutions department, email us at

Eco-label information
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a legitimate forestry standard, whereas the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) eco-label is greenwash. You can also learn more about FSC-certification in testimonials from satisfied customers.

Green Grades, our industry report card

Our report card on the forest and climate-related practices of large paper-consuming companies, Green Grades, rewards environmental leaders in this sector—and helps other companies make informed decisions about where they buy office papers.

Model Forest Resource Policy
Use this as a template for your company’s own policy and strategy for avoiding wood and paper from Endangered Forests and other risky sources, and for establishing more environmentally and socially responsible supply chains.

Sample letter to wood and paper product supplier
This letter template will makes it easy for your company to express its environmental values in a letter to your wood and paper supplier(s).

Sample supplier compliance agreement
Have your wood product supplier sign an agreement to comply with terms and conditions that meet or exceed environmental standards.

Make informed paper purchases

With the power of your paper choices, your company can fight climate change, save earth's last Endangered Forests, and create a healthier world.

Reference our definition of terms
Or for more in-depth definitions, view our document, Ecological Components of Endangered Forests.