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Your Signatures to Keep the Sacred Headwaters Sacred were delivered!

We delivered 15,000 signatures to BC Premier Christy Clark in person. Will she protect the Headwaters for good?
Nov 13, 2012

This gift, which was delievery along with 15,000 supporter signatures, was a sweet reminder to British Columbia's Premier Clark to protect the province's Sacred Headwaters and its critical salmon habitat

Our goal was simple: to present BC Premier Christy Clark with the message that more than 15,000 of you had signed our petition, asking the Premier to protect the Sacred Headwaters in the province’s northwestern corner. The more difficult task was finding an opportunity to meet with the Premier face-to-face. As it turns out, the BC Liberals were holding their annual convention in Whistler, BC – who could pass up a trip to Whistler?

We packaged your messages in the form of salmon-shaped chocolates as a sweet reminder to the Premier that time is running out for her to make a decision that would preserve habitat for salmon, wildlife and protect First Nations’ cultures and traditions and communities’ livelihoods in the watersheds of the Skeena, Nass, and Stikine Rivers.

We waited patiently at the conference hall for the elusive Premier to arrive. A few minutes later, suddenly, there she was - in the flesh! Our senior conservation campaigner, Karen, with her cat-like reflexes sprang up out of our regal hotel chairs and approached the Premier. Melyssa Rubino of ForestEthics Advocacy delievers 15,000 signatures to Premier ClarkThough her handlers attempted to intercept us, the Premier interjected and said, “Just a minute, I want to hear what she has to say.” With that, Premier Clark graciously gave Karen an opportunity to deliver your message in person.

I went to her constituency office in Vancouver to deliver your names, printed on a an inch of paper (100% post-consumer recycled, of course) and another reminder in the form of natural, locally made soap, asking the Premier not to “wash her hands of the opportunity” and to “keep the Sacred Headwaters clean and pristine.”

Premier Clark heard your calls for permanent banning of Shell’s disastrous plans to frack for coalbed methane in the Sacred Headwaters.

Stay tuned. The moratorium on Shell ends on December 18. So we’ll need to keep the pressure on until the Premier takes action to keep the region sacred, not scarred.

By Melyssa Hudson, Campaign and Administrative Associate, ForestEthics Advocacy

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