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You can't dress up dirty energy by giving it a new name

Jun 28, 2012

Ship carrying liquefied natural gas, off the coast of California. Photo credit: Flickr/Derek Keats

The Vancouver Sun reported that, "Premier Christy Clark said Thursday [June 27] that natural gas is to be declared a source of clean energy as long as it is used to support the development of a new liquefied natural gas industry in British Columbia."

Nikki Skuce, Senior Energy Campaigner with ForestEthics Advocacy, wrote the following Letter to the Editor in response:

You can't dress up dirty energy by giving it a new name

Re: Natural gas 'clean energy' if it supports development, BusinessBC, June 22

If Premier Christy Clark wants to call natural gas for liquefied natural gas production "clean energy" as a matter of convenience, what new definitions will she announce next? Perhaps that coffee and chocolate cake are healthy, daily dietary requirements? That marijuana is a herbal remedy that makes voters happy?

I guess Liberal commitments and their own Clean Energy Act are just like gas - they evaporate quickly, poi-son those impacted, and can explode when things get heated.

Nikki Skuce of ForestEthics Advocacy

By Nikki Skuce, Senior Energy Campaigner, ForestEthics Advocacy

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