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Remixing Dr. Seuss: “Enbridge’s Greedy Sham”

Feb 22, 2013

Nikki at Vancouver's No Tankers rally where she spoke last March

It wouldn’t hurt Prime Minister Harper and Enbridge execs to brush up on their Dr. Seuss reading, as the Merritt Herald recently suggested. In celebration of my daughter’s birthday and the welcoming of my new child, I leave for maternity leave with this spoof on Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. I hope that our children will continue to enjoy wild salmon, skating on frozen lakes, clean water and strong community with their friends and children. We all need to stand up to protect our watersheds and environment against irresponsible development projects like Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project. The unity created in fighting for our cultures, livelihoods and future generations continues to provide strength and hope that we will leave a better legacy behind. 

Enbridge’s greedy sham

We do not like oil from tar sands
We do not like them
Harper, I am.

We do not like them here or there
We do not like them in the Great Bear
We do not like them on supertanker boats
We do not like them on the West Coast

We will stop your pipelines across the rivers
We love our wild salmon, bears and beavers…
We do not like dirty oil by trains,
Not by pipe, or whatever you arrange.

We do not like oil from tar sands
We do not like them
Harper, I am.

We do not like oily ducks,
The environmental record really sucks.
We do not want tar sands with CCS,
We do like this Alberta mess.

First Nations, towns, fishers and ENGOs,
Have all stood up and said clearly – “No”.
There are solutions to change our course,
Policies, planning and renewable resource.

We do not like oil from tar sands
We will stop them
Steve, I am.

Large oil companies, no fear!
We’ll send them packing out of here.
We nearly got a tanker ban
Until Harper came and ruined the plan.

But all of us in BC are in position,
To form the unbroken wall of opposition.
We will stop Enbridge Northern Gateway
So our children have clean water in their day.

We will never like oil pipelines and tar sands.
So thank you,
Thank you,
For taking a stand.

Nikki Skuce of ForestEthics Advocacy

By Nikki Skuce, Senior Energy Campaigner, ForestEthics Advocacy

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