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Activists plaster office walls of Fisheries Ministery with your comments (plus video!)

Jun 8, 2012

Vancouver, CA—Waking up at 5am with the flu is horrible, but watching the Canadian Conservative Government gut the Fisheries Act to pave the way for tar sands expansion is absolutely unacceptable.

At 5am on June 8, 2012, head throbbing and all, I hopped in a car with four other ForestEthics activists to send a message that the Government couldn’t ignore on World Oceans Day.  We decorated the Maple Ridge office of Parliamentary Secretary to the Fisheries Ministry, Randy Kamp, with paper fish carrying comments from over 2,000 ForestEthics supporters opposing to the weakening of fish habitat protection.  A parallel action targeted the Fisheries Minister’s office in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Throughout the day, hundreds of ForestEthics supporters flooded the Minister’s office with phone calls.

Like many Canadians, I am appalled that the Harper government has hidden measures to gut environmental laws like the Fisheries Act in an undemocratic Omnibus “Budget” Bill.  It’s noteworthy to mention that the opposition is not only from environmentalist but also anglers, fisheries-dependent communities, the fisheries industry and even former Conservative Fisheries Ministers.

Waking up this morning was easy, because I had the opportunity to bring the voices of Canadians—your voices—out from behind the computer screen and into the face of the Conservative Government.  We are the stakeholders who are at risk of losing key components of the ecosystems we depend on, so we need to speak out. It IS as simple as that.

Watch ForestEthics' outreach coordinator, Jolan Bailey, taking action:

Photo by Tiina Kivela

By Melyssa Hudson, Campaign and Administrative Associate, ForestEthics Advocacy

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